Viceroy Mercado
Viceroy mercado-0
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Boss of Niles Pottinger (deceased)
Health Deceased, murdered by Niles Pottinger
Seen Season 2
Actor William Atherton
Job Title Earth Republic
Personality Ruthless and Sarcastic

A ruthless and sarcastic Earth Republic official. He's the boss of Defiance's new mayor, Pottinger, but carries a whopper of a secret of his own.[1] He is one of the most powerful people in the Earth Republic. He is also one of the wealthiest. However, due to Pottinger's success in Defiance, he is put in a desperate position for re-election; hence, he takes the town to get credit for re-election.

He is finally murdered off-screen by Niles Pottinger in the Season 3.

References, Edit


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