Vendor Reputation is only in the Game of Defiance.

Earning ReputationEdit

Reputation becomes available once reaching EGO Rating 250. After EGO 250, Contracts become available from each Vendor and update automatically as you complete them. These are found in the Goals section of the menu wheel. These come in 2 types: Daily and Weekly for each of the 5 Major Vendors: Von Bach Industries (VBI), Soleptor Enterprises, Top-Notch Toolworks, Paradise Territory, Echelon. As you increase your reputation by completing the required number of kills/item collection or Co-op/Competitive missions, you will earn reputation with a specific vendor. This also earns you Reputation Points which can be spent at Vendor specific shops. These points are consumed when used but your reputation experience will remain.

In-game Usage of Reputation PointsEdit

  • Weapons Cost 50 to 200 Points plus Scrip
  • Vendor Specific Mod Cache Cost 100 Points only (no Scrip)
  • Titles Cost 1,000 Points only (no Scrip)

Vendor LocationsEdit

  • VBI Vendor is located at Shondu's Consulate
  • Soleptor Enterprises Vendor is located at The Crater
  • Top-Notch Toolworks Vendor is located at Top-Notch Toolworks
  • Paradise Territory Vendor is located at Iron Demon Ranch.
  • Echelon Vendor is located at Muir Processing Plant.

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