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Defiance is a Massively Multiplayer Online third person shooter available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows. The game is set in the same universe as the SyFy channel show of the same name. Players assume the role of Ark Hunters, mercenaries paid to retrieve alien technology for Von Bach Industries. Defiance was developed by Trion Worlds, developers of the MMO Rift.

Previously On...

After their star system was destroyed, a refugee alien group known as the Voltans arrived at Earth looking to co-inhabit the planet with Humanity. Negotiations unfortunately failed, and a conflict known as the Pale Wars broke out between the two groups. During the war, a fleet of alien ships in orbit called the Ark was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The debris from the wreckage landed on Earth, haphazardly releasing advanced terraforming technology that fundamentally changed the planet. Hostile new plant and animal species were unleashed, forcing humans and Voltans into an uneasy alliance for survival.

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Defiance balances its traditional 3rd person shooter gunplay with EGO powers that allow the player to buff themselves, create decoys, briefly turn invisible, and more. Dynamic Arkfall events occur randomly around the map, offering players a chance to salvage exceptional rewards. Minor events can be handled by a few players while Major events spawn strong enemies that will require large groups of players to overcome.

Characters & Story

Players take on the role of Ark Hunters, bandits who scavenge valuable alien technology from the arkfalls. Ark Hunters are employed by Von Bach Industries, who implant them with the EGO nanotechnology that allows them to use their special powers. During the course of the game players will encounter major characters from the accompanying television show, such as series protagonist Joshua Nolan.

Important game characters:


Missions in Defiance allow players to progress through the game via cooperative play, competitive multiplayer, or single player main quest lines. Main missions involve recovering a missing legendary alien artifact for Von Bach, while side quests focus on completing challenges and aiding characters you encounter throughout the Bay Area.


Players in Defiance use both traditional weapons and EGO powers to combat their enemies. The guns in the game are fictional, and range from simple pistols to guided rocket launchers and a Voltan biological weapon that launches bugs at the opponent. Weapons are upgradable via a vast array of scopes, grips, magazines and other items.

Other weapons in the game include: