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A guide to the Season 1 Mount Tam Data Recorder Locations

The Truth Behind TranquilityEdit

Data Recorder 1: "My Name is Ara."Edit

  • Location: Serenity Academy. Second floor of a destroyed building near the center of the Academy.

Data Recorder 2: "Gut Check."Edit

  • Location: North West of Tranquility Road Fast Travel point. At the end of the road with the collapsed tunnel, behind an enemy Mutant spawn truck.

Data Recorder 3: "The Conspiracy."Edit

  • Location: KTAM Power. East of KTAM Radio Station, usually a quest appears to repair three panels. On a piece of debris on the floor, in one of the two destroyed buildings holding repair terminals.

Data Recorder 4: "The Assassination of Tokura."Edit

  • Location: Serenity Power. East of Merchant vendor near Bloodbath Run Time Trial, in a small square building on the floor.


Submitted by: Ace Gamer Productions

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