Species Omec
Gender Male
Relationships Kindzi, daughter

Stahma Tarr, Lover

Health Deceased, Stabbed In the Neck by Kindzi
Actor Conrad Coates

T'evgin, played by Conrad Coates. T'evgin is an Omec, a eighth alien race (yes, Season 3 is introducing another group of aliens!). The Omec are all kinds of badass, having been the overlords of all the other alien races (Irathients, Castithans, Indogene) before everyone fled their dying universe to come to Earth. T'evgin is the leader, so he's the king of the "Don't screw with them" Omec. Conrad Coates is known for roles in The Strain, Saving Hope, Sanctuary, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Nikita and more.[1]


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