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Quentin McCawley
Quentin McCawley
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Rafe McCawley Father, deceased
Pilar McCawley Mother, deceased
Christie McCawley sister, deceased
Luke McCawley brother, deceased
Alak Tarr Brother-in-law
Lucas Tarr Nephew
Health Deceased, Shot in the head by Rahm Tak
Seen "Pilot"
"Down...Dead Men Go"
Actor Justin Rain

Quentin McCawley is the younger son of miner Rafe McCawley, and the brother of Luke and Christie.


Born at the beginning of the Pale Wars, Quentin was a scrawny young child who didn’t meet his father, Rafe, until he returned home from the war. While enjoying the carefree existence of being one of the prominent McCawleys, Quentin still had to endure Rafe’s preferential treatment of his older brother Luke.

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