Pursuits, they are little achievements that you must achieve to get your level, or EGO Rating. Pursuits usually can range from either gathering recorders or getting gold on a time trial. Pursuits in the game will also have rewards occasionally, like Living To Kill V pursuit will give you +40 EGO Rating, Title, and the Collective Infiltrator Outfit. Pursuits are ranged usually from Easy to Hard (or Time Consuming) and sometimes go in an order I.E. Living to kill I, II, III, IV, & V.

Season OneEdit

Season One Pursuits are pursuits that never change, they are the pursuits that were In-Game the first day it came out in April. They include many different pursuits like the Living To Kill group of pursuits and the Social group of pursuits. there are a total of 104 single pursuits that range from giving your character +5 EGO Rating to +40 EGO Rating.  


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