Description Edit

Paradise is a free territory in the Bay Area Frontier. This unincorporated "Free Territory" located north of the Golden Gate Bridge is guided by the wisdom of the Frontier Ambassador Ara Shondu. Her wide reaching connections and those of her Lawkeeper, Jon Cooper, allow them to grant special equipment to those who demonstrate that they can be trusted.

Contracts Edit

The faction contracts generally require the player to complete the co-op missions. They may alternately require the player to complete various conflict sites.

Vendor Edit

The Paradise Territory vendor is located at the Iron Demon Ranch in Paradise Territory.

Rewards Edit

The vendor sells legendary weapons at EGO rating 5000 and other very high level legendary gear. Acquiring the caeruleum core currency to purchase these items requires the completion of the weekly co-op missions on expert difficulty. There is also a lower box with a full set of mods for a random weapon type that can be purchased for only the basic reputation with this faction.

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