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The Omecs were the original inhabitant of the planet Omec in the Votanis System, but they were later conquered by the Volge, a warlike species from another part of the galaxy.

The Omec evolved from a quadrupedal predator call "Zekbatsin". While they ultimately evolved into bipeds, they kept physical characteristics of this ancestor, like their teeth and their instinct. The Omecs have purple skin, silver hair, and metallic silver irises.

For centuries, Omec came to Votan's worlds to harvest millions of people to use them as slaves and food. They used their technological superiority to assure their supremacy on the other Votan civilizations. But the other Votan races rose against the Omec in "The War of Six", defeated them, and confined them to their world, now in control of the Volge.

The other Votan species feared the Omec and hated the Volge, so they made no attempt to include them in the exodus fleet of Arks which fled their star system in 3,001 BCE when it was destroyed in a stellar collision. Incidentally, this meant that they also left the subjugated Omecs behind along with them. Both the Omecs and the Volge were thought to have gone extinct 5,000 years ago, but to the surprise of all, the Volge reappeared on Earth during the Pale Wars, perhaps recreated through terraforming nanites. However the surprise was far bigger when, one decade later an omec starship arrived on the orbit of earth (The only surviving ship of the original omec ark fleet destroy by indogene bunglers.)