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Humans are the indigenous sentient species to the Earth and the dominant species until the arrival of the Votans.

History Edit

The Human species evolved from primitive apelike species' over the millions of years. The closest ancestor to the Humans is the Chimpanzee. The development of humans from hunter-gatherer cultures to globalized industrial civilization has been remarkably quick. The industrial revolution occurred in the 1800s. The first thermonuclear weapon was detonated in 1945. Humans had reached Earth's sole satellite, the Moon, in a series of exploratory missions beginning in 1969. Unmanned spacecraft were sent to the outer planets of the Sol system during this period as well.

After the Arrival of the Votans and the Ark fall event, Human civilizations collapsed. Humans are now just begging to rebuild their civilization.

Politics Edit

Politically, humanity has never been united. There has been many wars throughout human history. The most powerful country before the Votan arrival was the United States. The arrival of the Votans forced the Human governments to unite into the Earth Military Coalition, which fought in the Pale Wars. The strongest government is the Earth Republic which claims sovereignty over the entire earth but only rules the area of Columbia. Other powerful governments include the Republic of Texas, the Republic of Great Britain, and the State of the East Asia Federation. Most Human governments are democratic, at least in theory. Human Nationalism encourages Humans to take pride in their heritage and take political control over their planet.

Culture Edit

Human culture is based on a number of different traditions. The most powerful has been Western culture. Western culture is based largely on a number of ideologies including Liberalism and Capitalism. Compared to other cultures and the Votans, human culture is egalitarian. The contrast is especially great to the patriarchal cultures of the Indogenes and Castithans.

Humans follow a number of religious movements although many are atheists. Christianity has been the dominant religion in the west. Religion declined in the West after the Pale wars. There were certain New Religious Movements created in the aftermath of the Pale Wars, however these movements have few followers.

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