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Europe is a place on the east eurasian continent. the arkfall and the terraformation cause massive changes by modifying the topography and the environment. now Europe have various ecosysteme and face.

In Francia, one entire ark crash on the rhone liberating all of his cryogenic capacity frozen the countrie and a part of sweden an italy into ice. The arckortex of the ship manage to enslave the population but a resistance group as form, in hope to beeing free again. the cold age cause by this crash ark is not eternal, in some year all of the procces will be use and the ice will slowly melt.

The United Kingdom is surprisingly saved from environmental change 5not geological) and his survive to the world change (unlike many other government) and instaure a autoritarial government to protect the population.

In Germania, a piece of ark who transport many vegetal sample crash and the country was recover by jungle forest with very dangerous animals and plants (like carnivorous plants). the old castle meet modern buildin, but the population is rul by war lors. It's like the pale war never end here.

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