Earth Republic
Defiance Television GovOrg
Key Information
Government/Organization Earth Republic
Main Leader(s) Unknown
Type of Government
Locations • Columbia

New York City

  • Northern Brazil

The Earth Republic was the follow-on organization to the Earth Military Coalition. it entered into an armistice with the Votanis Collective on April 15, 2031. It is a largely human government that welcomes all immigrants.

Columbia is the seat of power of the Earth Republic. It is located in the area of former Northeastern United States and Southern Quebec. Its Capital is located amid the remains of New York City. Both have a booming population due to refugees from cities destroyed by global terraforming.

It claims sovereignty over the entire Earth however it does not exercise direct control over lands outside Columbia.  It has alliances with other human governments. Although it maintains diplomatic and trade relations with the Votanis Collective, it does not recognize its existence as legitimate. Fear of a war is common.

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