DataRecorder Not My Finest Hour.jpg

Data Recorder: Not My Best Hour

This is the audio diary of Amelio Rodriguez. Finding this data recorder contributes to the Mines of Madness Pursuit, found in Pursuits > Season One > Marin.


The data recorder can be found on the floor of the catwalk at Top-Notch Toolworks in the corner next to two Light of the Fallen lamps


Amelio Rodriguez:

"Mi hijita, mi hijita, mi hijita. You're so beautiful, yet so stubborn. *sigh* Just like Momma. *sigh* Ah no no, my ruca. I can't do this on my own. I should not have taken you to Rainbow; we should've went East like you said. I'm so sorry baby, I'm so sorry. *sigh* Ah pinche pendejos, chupas, jarheads all of 'em! It's their goddamn war, not ours! *sigh* It's their war! You take my family, I take you all on. You can't take my ruca, you can't take my sons, you can't take Rosita. Come get some pendejos come get some!

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