The following are a rundown of the basic controls for each platform Defiance (Video Game) has been launched on.  The computer platform will accept input from other controllers, control pads, keypads, etc.

PC ControlsEdit

  • W, A, S, D (forward, strafe left, backward, strafe right)
  • C (crouch)
  • F (melee attack)
  • R (reload)
  • E (active control)
  • Q (swap weapon in current loadout)
  • G (thrown grenade)
  • V (summon vehicle)
  • SHIFT (sprint)
  • SPACE (jump)
  • ALT (roll)

The computer will accept input from more than one device at a time, so you can swap back and forth between a controller plugged into the computer and the keyboard/mouse controls without changing a setting.

Playstation ControlsEdit

360 ControlsEdit

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