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The Ark Belt is a persistent field of debris surrounding the planet Earth. These are the remains of the Ark fleet that exploded in the Arkfall[1][2] event of 2030. While many of the alien ships crashed to Earth on that day and released their terraforming technology, others remained in orbit, creating a ring of broken ships that surrounds the planet. Occasionally, some of this debris will succumb to the Earth's gravitational pull and fall to the surface. The terminology for fallen arks from Earth's orbit has since been: Arkfalls.

Ark Belt

Once the arkfall has landed on Earth, it is usually salvaged by Ark Hunters, in an attempt to make a profit off of their finds. 

Common arkfalls are intermittent meteorite showers caused by falling debris from the Ark Belt. This includes everything from cargo pods to entirely intact sections of an Ark. These arkfalls can bring precious resources, alien technology, and sometimes nasty forms of life to the planet's surface. In some cases, smaller debris will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, showering down upon the surface as a cloud of tiny metal shards known as Razor Rain.

Significant Finds of Arkfall[3] Edit

Terra-spires Edit

A terra-spire is an enormous missile-like structure that’s launched from an Ark and embeds itself under the surface of the planet below.

Terraspheres Edit

Terraspheres are the "warheads" of the terra-spires – powerful balls of energy that contain alien DNA ready to be unleashed upon the target.



Ark Cores Edit

Ark-cores house the artificial intelligence required to control the terraforming process.

Cryo-Pods & Hypersleep Tubes[4] Edit

The Cryo-Pod is the section of an Ark that contains numerous Votans in hypersleep tubes. Partially intact hypersleep tubes are a rare find within arkfalls, but have been reported.


After the initial Arkfall disaster, there was a ring of debris left around the Earth.  Sometimes the debris will fall out of the ring and through the atmosphere, these events are Ark falls.[5]



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