Growler Pro

A-Tex Growler Pro

"Higher durability runner than the Hannibal with a slightly higher base speed but lower boost speed."

Base StatisticsEdit

Hit Points: 4822
Damage: 3536
Speed: 20.0
Boost Speed: 24.0
Boost Rate: 0.3
Boost Amount 2.5
  • Changes made to reflect the base statistics of a level 1 runner.
  • Statistics change as the runner level increases.

Known Colors: Edit

  • Green/Black
  • Green/Yellow
  • Grey/Purple
  • Cyan/Black
  • Red/Black
  • Yellow/Black


  • The A-Tex Growler Pro Green/Black version is the first vehicle the player obtains (excluding claim vehicles) and  is awarded after  Sniper's Ridge (Mission).

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